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Auntie Joan's Homemade Curry Powder

Taste the natural flavours of home


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Our Story

I grew up watching my mom prepare curry powder from scratch using turmeric.

Those lovely curry chicken warmed my heart each time I take a bite. From all those years of belly full and warmed hearts I felt that it was time for mom to share her lovely curry powder with the world. 

She was a bit hesitant at first but she eventually gave in.

An Idea Was Born

She also told me about the Turmeric tea. I was skeptic at first but it actually tastes good and not only that, it's full of healthy benefits. So we decided to give it a shot and now here we are manufacturing and selling homemade Curry Powder, Turmeric Powder, Turmeric tea bag and Moringa tea bag.

We love every minute of our journey, each and every day.

We started our own turmeric farm to ensure that we will always be able to provide for you, our valued customers, with fresh all natural turmeric products. We have our very own Moringa trees as well. We want to keep it Homemade at all times and never compromise on the taste. 

Fresh all natural turmeric is used to make our curry powder with added cumin, pimento, cloves and ginger etc..


 Our Personal Testimony

My 6 years old daughter, Auntie Joan's granddaughter, Haellie, had recurring joint pain that move from one joint to the next, for weeks. I did the blood tests referred by the Dr. but I could not bear to see my baby in so much pain. She could not walk or move without us helping her. She was also placed on bed rest and almost missed her graduation.

But being the naturalist I am, I gave her the Turmeric tea.

Within a few hours of drinking it the pain disappeared. To be honest I was frightened as to how fast it worked. I was a bit nervous so I did not give it to her again. She felt the pain for another week. The blood tests came back but it showed nothing. I decided to go to a different Dr. who gave me additional tests.

At this point my baby was still having terrible pain. Again, I could not bear to see her like that. So I gave her the turmeric tea once more. And the same thing happened, within hours the pain was gone.

She was eventually diagnosed with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA).

I never stopped giving her the turmeric tea and she never had the pain since then.

Update on Haellie:  August 2, 2020

Haellie is now 8 years old and is at her prime where she loves being active and wants to be in any activity she can. She is a bundle of joy :)

She still has joint pains from time to time and I still give her the turmeric tea. However, the pain is not as excruciating as it was initially. It also does not last for more that 3 days. With the initial onset the pain would last for a week or two.

I am still happy to say that turmeric tea is keeping my babies pain away. :)

Why Shop with Us

We strive to provide you with the best curry powder you can ask for. We offer Homemade Curry Powder and Turmeric Tea Bags made from all natural, ready to harvest Turmeric, with no added preservatives. All at prices you can afford.

We also recently added the amazing super food Moringa.

Sharing the love I grew up on has never felt better, that's why we never try to over do it with huge industrial machines and large building facilities. We want to keep it Homemade, where the best of anything is done.

You also have a say in all that we do. We strive to develop blends we know you will love.

Let your influences be our influences.

Your ideas and recommendations have brought us a far way and we want to continue this for you.

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